72 Pack Soft Core Colored Pencils

Q: What is the difference between our Soft Core Colored Pencils and regular colored pencils?
A: These pencils have soft lead, allowing for smooth blending and shading.

Q: Is the lead water soluble? Wax based or oil based?
A: The lead is water soluble, and is wax based.

Q: What is the diameter of the lead?
A: The lead is 3.0 mm.

60 Pack Gel Pens

Q: My gel pens are new/barely used but will not disperse ink, what do I do?
A: Submerge the tip in warm water, and scribble on paper until ink flow is achieved. If ink flow remains inconsistent, contact Customer Support for additional assistance.

Q: How many unique colors are in this set?
A: There are no duplicate colors in this set, all 60 colors are unique.

Q: Are these pens safe to use on skin?
A: While these pens are nontoxic and acid-free, we cannot suggest using these pens on skin.

Electric Pencil Sharpener

Q: How is this sharpener powered?
A: This sharpener can be powered with either the included USB cord or 4 AA batteries (not included).

Q: What size pencils can be used?
A: This sharpener can only sharpen pencils of the standard #2 size or smaller

Q: What should I do if the sharpener will not operate?
A: Check the power connection if connected to the USB or replace the batteries.